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In the centre of Leiden you can feel the atmosphere of the golden age. When walking true Leiden you truly feel the past come to life due to the canals, listed buildings and numerous alleys. There are several museums which are a true treasure of knowledge, culture and science.

Leiden is the place where Rembrandt van Rijn was born and where he learned the art of painting. Medic Boerhaave was a teacher here and over four hundred years ago, Clusius was the one that grew the first Dutch tulips at the Hortus Botanicus of Leiden.

The academic of the university, the Waag and the borough, the beautiful mansions next to the vamous Rapenburg, the impressive Pieters church and the Hooglandse church. They each show you a little bit about the history of Leiden. offers numerous readings. You can visit for more information about this region.

The Open Monuments Days are a nationwide yearly event. During these days Leiden offers numerous monuments to visit. Visit for year-round information about these monuments.

Downtown Leiden counts over 35 courtyards with alms-houses surrounding them. Entering one of these courtyards is like traveling back in time. If you would like to visit one of these courtyards you can participate in a special courtyard tour brought to you by the VVV.

Visit for city tours, bicycle tours and excursions throughout Holland.